How can business owners incorporate fitness into their schedules?

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A business owner or leader is in charge of taking care of their people and getting work done through them, which will ultimately bring bottom-line results. A few years ago, shared this thought – “If you don’t take care of yourself, then you won’t be able to take care of anything else, including the bottom line.” 

As a small business, the leadership team of Nesfield Performance is more than understanding when it comes to the challenges, stress, and time constraints that come with running a business. Typically, those constraints and sacrifices get in the way of a leader taking care of themselves, so we stress that leaders must find time to incorporate exercise into their daily routines because exercise is a proven method to long-term success in business and life. 

We’re sharing ways business owners and leaders can incorporate a consistent workout schedule into their busy lives.

What are the benefits of exercise for business owners?

There are several workplace benefits to working out, and those benefits extend beyond improving your physique. When you workout, you will automatically experience the following: 

● Elevated memory level 

● Increased focus 

● Increased creativity and problem-solving 

● An impactful executive presence 

Each of these benefits will positively impact your performance, which trickles down to your employees, and ultimately improves your business’s output. So, how do you incorporate working out into (an already) busy schedule? 

How do you add a workout routine to your busy schedule?

The first and most important NP pillar is mindset, and this is because even as fitness experts, we know that in order to change your body and your life, you must start by changing your mindset. First, you must decide that working out and taking care of your body is a priority and should be your “way of life.” If you approach fitness as an “add-on” or option to your lifestyle, it will always be on the back burner, and you will not experience the intended benefits. 

Secondly, you must plan ahead. Typically leaders plan their days, weeks, months, and even years in advance. If you do not block out an hour into your schedule to work out, it’s likely to get pushed out by another meeting or obligation. 

Here are some other suggestions for planning your workouts: 

Work out in the mornings. 

A morning workout routine is a great way to make sure you train before the busyness of the day begins. Leaving your workout as something that will happen later or in the evening can be dangerous because most leaders know anything can occur throughout the day. You may end up blowing your afternoon or evening workout off to put out fires in the office. 

Plan 20-30 min interval workouts. 

Interval workouts are great for sporadic schedules if you cannot manage a full hour in the morning. They’re also practical for leaders who have extra long days because you can get a mental break in the middle of the day and refresh and refocus. 

Take fitness classes. 

Too busy to drive to another location to work out? Take fitness classes so you can exercise, not worry about knowing what to do, and have the opportunity to work out in your own space, whether at home or in your office. In-person classes are fun and great for building camaraderie with others, making connections, and networking with like-minded people. 

The pandemic taught us that live online or pre-recorded classes could also be effective. You have the convenience of making your classes fit into your schedule at any time, and you can literally take your time to do the routine.

Get a personal trainer. 

A personal trainer will always be our top recommendation for business owners. A personal trainer can be an accountability partner who can help you get in shape and create healthy lifestyle habits. Like fitness classes, you can find a trainer that will work with your schedule, and some trainers also offer virtual sessions. Most experienced personal trainers understand a leader’s life and can effectively coach and support you to get the results you want to see. 

Regardless of your route, remember the value of incorporating a consistent fitness routine into your schedule to be the best overall version of yourself for your team, your loved ones, and, most importantly, yourself. 


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