People living healthier and fuller lives through optimal body performance


To educate and coach clients to perform at their optimal level by strengthening their mind-body connection, encouraging freedom of movement and demonstrating positive behaviors.

5 Pillars of Performance Coaching


Your thought process, mood, value system, and behavioral patterns all impact your ability to live your best life. Our team will assess your current mindset to help you create and maintain healthy habits of the mind that lead to optimal performance.


Rest and recovery are vital to self-healing, concentration, and focus, leading to optimal performance in all areas of your life. The NP team will help you optimize your body's ability to recover through consistent regeneration practices, including improved sleep patterns, mobility training, stretching, use of infrared sauna, massage therapy, and physical therapy.


We believe that food is fuel for the body, and we help you assess and design a personalized nutrition plan that will serve your body every single day. Moderation is key, so instead of creating restrictive plans, we focus on opening your palette, helping you discover healthier food options, and creating and sustaining good nutritional habits.


We don't just want to help you get physically fit - we aim to help you understand your mind-body connection, to enhance your body's ability to move freely and create pathways to discovering greater body awareness. This approach helps prevent injuries, correct bad habits and implement more efficient body movements that eventually improve balance, strength, and coordination.


With a growth mindset, sustainable routine, and accountability through performance coaching, your life can be everything you desire it to be and more! Our team will help you to reach your personal and professional goals by evaluating your current lifestyle, followed by identifying and refining the habits that will eventually make your dreams a reality.

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