A Strength & Conditioning Guide When You’re 55+

Staying active and fit when you’re over 55 years old has several benefits. Some of NP’s clients that are 55+ have either trained most of their lives, had a lapse in training over the years, or have never done any type of strength and conditioning training; however, no matter where our clients start on their fitness journey, strength and conditioning when you’re over 55 will help you to stay #PerformBetterInLife for many years to come. Here we share our strength and conditioning guide when you’re 55+ : 

What is ‘strength and conditioning? 

Let’s start with the basics — what is strength & conditioning training? Strength and conditioning are exercises and movement patterns that, when done consistently, can bring about improved physical performance. While strength and conditioning plans were originally intended to enhance athletic performance, they are now used by athletes and those who desire to develop their bodies and improve their physical movement holistically. 

What are the best exercises and movement patterns for those 55+?

Here are a few of the best exercises and movement patterns for those who are 55+: 

Core: Core training targets your core muscles or the area of the body that represents the body’s center of gravity and ensures movement stability. 

Posture: Your posture relates to how you hold your body in a sitting or standing position. When you incorporate posture training into your workout, you will use specific exercises and gain posture awareness to improve your posture. 

HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training, also known as “HITT,” is a type of training that involves high and intense movements followed by various recovery times. 

Low-Impact Cardio: Low-impact cardio exercises increase your heart rate while minimizing the amount of stress and impact your joints endure. 

Squat, lunges, deadlifts, push, pull, rotate: These exercises are all effective in gaining lower body strength by strengthening muscles, legs, and glutes while activating slightly different muscle groups. 

When, where are how often should those who are 55+ workout?

Consistency is the key to meeting goals and making positive changes in your wellness and fitness. There is no specific place or time of day you should work out — it truly depends on your availability and lifestyle. Whenever you can commit and stay consistent, just stick to that routine. You can start slowly by working out 1-2 weekly for 20 minutes. Over time, you can incrementally increase your workouts to 3-5 days per week for 60 minutes. 

Recreation centers, gyms, and group fitness classes are all great options for incorporating a good workout into your schedule. Several organizations and community centers advertise resources, classes, and special pricing for those 55+ who are interested in reaching fitness goals. You can also create a network of like-minded people who have the same goal to be healthy and fit. 

If you’re new to working out or there’s been a significant time period since your last workout session, consider consulting or working with a certified personal trainer to ensure proper form and appropriate exercises. 

Why should seniors engage in strength and conditioning? 

Consistent strength and conditioning training improves bone density, hormone regulation, balance, joint mobility, and coordination. You will also improve lean mass, allowing your body to utilize fats more efficiently and improving metabolism. Strength and conditioning helps fight against onset diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, and some cancers. Finally, studies show that consistent training has several mental health benefits and increases levels of social interaction. 

Work with one of the NP trainers to create a strength and conditioning plan that will improve and extend your lifespan and help you to #PerformBetterInLife! 


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